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What Kind of Damage Do Wild Animals Cause In an Attic?

When a wild animal gets into your home, no matter whether it is small or large it will cause some level of destruction in your home. Even if it does not chew on anything or actively destroy your property, the urine and feces of the Napa animal will inevitably do some damage. There are different kinds of damages caused by wild animals while in an attic. The type of animal will determine the kind of damages you should expect from the animal. Also, the type of house you have will determine the kinds of things that will be available for the animals to damage. This article will provide you an overview on the possible damage wild animals usually cause while in an attic. The major animals that usually love to inhabit the attic include: raccoons, bats, squirrels, rats, mice and others.

Damages on the Insulation in the Attic Caused By Wild Animals
Your insulation in the attic is one of the things prone to wild animal damages. The animal can damage the insulation through chewing and scratching, which can result in an increased heat bill monthly. Also, the droppings on your insulation can damage it. That is why you must take quick action when you discover there are wild California animals in your attic for any reason. Never relent as that can result in a more serious problem for your insulation which you may not like to deal with.

Chewed Wires Which Can Result in Short Circuit or Fire Outbreak
If not your insulation, another thing that can easily be damaged when you have a wild animal in your attic is the wires. The wires that pass through that attic can be chewed and disconnected, especially when what you have up there is a rodent. So it is important for you to check your wire connections in the attic after removing the wild Napa animals inhabiting there. This is to avoid causing problems, including fire outbreak due to a wire sparking and even partial current in your home.

Smelly Environment with Droppings and Urine
When you start to have a bad odor coming from the attic, then you should know that the animals have turned your attic into a toilet. Remember the droppings are not just smelly but can cause serious health hazards when you touch or even inhale it. Roundworm, salmonella and others are the possible diseases you can contract from touching or inhaling wild animal droppings in your attic.

Scratching and Vocal Noises Which Can Deny You a Good Night Sleep
Your good night sleep can be disrupted when you have wild animals in your attic. They will constantly make vocal sounds, scratching sounds, and will always play around with one another causing you to find it difficult to sleep at night. The worst of all is that most California wild animals in the attic are nocturnal in nature and are always most active in the night when you will like to enjoy your sleep after a stressful day of work in the office.

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