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What Are the Most Common Types of Animals That Poop On or In a Building?

If a wild animal has taken up residence in your home or on your property, your first concern will be how to quickly and effectively remove the animal. Once that is handled, you will have to deal with the aftermath of their presence, including the damage they’ve caused. Apart from damages wild animals cause on your property and in your yard, another issue with them is turning your Napa property into toilet. Some of them are notorious for this bad habit as they always return back to your building when they want to poop. Some animals’ poops are known to be a health hazard if touched or even inhaled. This article is going to tell you more about the most common types of animals that poop on or in a building.

The Opossum
If you have an opossum infestation in your yard, attic or any part of your building, you should be ready to do some thorough cleanup after the removal. The animal will not only eat up your pet’s foods but also poop all around your building. They can make a mess of the entire environment with their poop if you allow them to linger in your building or yard. That is among the reasons why you have to act fast when you have a California opossum infestation to avoid having to deal with poop removal and cleanup. The problem with this animal is that the poop and urine are known to contain dangerous bacteria and fungi which can cause serious health hazards to humans.

A raccoon can make a mess of your garbage by even opening closed garbage to see what they can find. Another thing about raccoons is that they have the ability to steal things you have in your home, including your pet’s foods and others. The raccoons are known to be stubborn and dexterous, mostly when they want to steal your pet foods. So just make sure you never allow raccoons to take over any part of your building unless you are ready to deal with heavy poops.

If you have ever had a Napa bat infestation in your building, you know how this flying mammal can load your ceiling with poops. Just allow them to inhabit your attic or ceiling for a few months and you will be surprised at the volume of poops you will find when you return to check the area. Never inhale or touch bat poop as it can cause serious health issues for humans.

Skunks are not only good at digging up your yard and lawn but also good at pooping around your building. This animal can easily load your property like an attic, yard and even garden with poops that will take you time to remove. That is the reason why you have ensure that you stop them from coming so close to your California property and save yourself the stress involved in dealing with the poops.

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