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What to do About the Squirrels in the Fireplace

Squirrels can be cute creatures that are fun to watch, but many people find them annoying because they tend to steal the food intended to attract Napa birds. These animals can be even more of a nuisance if they find their way inside your house through the chimney.

What to do about the squirrels in the fireplace
More often than not, you will find squirrels hanging around chimneys. As the days go by, they will make their nests there and start living there. Soon enough you will find the chimneys are not functioning in the right way and blockages start to happen. After some time, the whole house becomes smoky and intolerable.

How do the squirrels come to the fireplace?
In search for food and a good habitation site, the squirrels will mostly find their way into the fireplace through the chimney. When they enter the chimney, they are unable to climb out, forcing themselves to find their way through the fireplace, and this is how they get to the fireplace.

What do you do to get the squirrels out of the fireplace?
A lot of people make a mistake of smoking the California animals/squirrels out of the fireplace. This is not advisable, especially when you are sure that the animal cannot climb out itself. This is like torturing the animal to death. There are other ways that you could help the squirrels get out like:
• Helping the squirrels out
• Using noise to discourage its stay
• Provide an escape route for the animal
• Catch the animal yourself and remove them out of their trap
• Seek the help of a Napa professional in doing so
There are a lot of things that you could do to keep the animals out, and if they are trapped there are still many things that you could do to help them out. Therefore, if an animal is trapped in the chimney, do something to help it out rather than killing it by smoking it.

Helping the squirrels out
This can be done by lowering a thick rope of considerable length down the chimney onto the damper or on the smoke shell. This way the animal will easily find its way out through the rope.

Using noise
If you are certain that the animal can possibly climb out itself, then you can use noise to scare away the animal. This way, it will find its way out very fast and the chances of it coming back would be very minimal. Therefore, this is another method that you could use. It is humane too.

Providing an escape route
This could be done by opening the doors in the fireplace. This will serve as an escape route for the animal. After it moves out, trap the Napa animal and release it.

Seek professional help
If you contact the wildlife removal agencies, they will definitely help you out with the case of the animals/squirrels in the chimney. You don’t have to worry about the California squirrels being in the chimney and the worst punishment you could ever give such an animal is by smoking it out. Consider the options above.

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