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How to Identify Opossum Tracks

Wildlife have the habit of leaving their natural habits and wandering into backyards or into homes to try to find an easy source of food and shelter. Sometimes they are also forced out of their natural homes by human development, so we can’t be too surprised when one of these animals end up in our yard. One of the California animals you might encounter is an opossum. When you notice the thumb-like tracks, you need to know the rodents are nearby since they love staying in one area in search for water and food.

Use professional trackers
Some people hardly know anything about the opossum, and this limits them from being able to properly handle an opossum invasion. You will find it is easy for one to get the right results when they choose to invest in a professional. They have mastered the skills and the art of hunting the Napa opossum, and they know the kind of food they like as well as their habits.

Visible and easy to find
The opossums are large animals and this means they are visible and easy to find. You only need to follow the tracks and they will lead you to the rest of the pack. They love traveling in colonies, and when you notice one of them, you are sure to find others nearby.

Found near forests
The California opossums love to climb trees, which means they like to live in forests. When you follow their tracks, you will often find they lead to the trees. This is their best place to stay since they feel comfortable and it is ideal for their living. You also have a good chance of finding them in neighborhoods that have loads of trees.

Have the rabies virus
You need to know that opossums could have the rabies virus, and this means if they infect you, you will get rabies. This has led many people to be wary of them, and this has limited them from having much direct contact with humans. They have long nails, which they could use to scratch, leading to the rabies infection. This is another reason why you should get professional help when dealing with these animals.

Follow their food
You may find it hard to get the opossum since you do not know the kind of food it feeds on. However, you have a higher chance of attracting a Napa opossum if you have:
• A garden
• Holes in your wall
• Direct source of water
• Good breeding places
You will find that many people look for them due to the disturbance that they have caused around their house. It is very easy to track them and this is due to the distinctive tracks they leave behind. They are very visible and this makes it easy for people to notice them. These rodents fend for their food and are constantly on the lookout for food sources. When you follow all the food sources or the places of breeding, you will find the animal.

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